About Zoo


The Nehru Zoological Park, Hyderabad was opened to the public in the year 1963 in pursuance of recommendations of Indian Board for Wildlife, Govt. of India.On 6th October, 1963, General S.M. Sri.Nagesh, the then Governor of Andhra Pradesh inaugurated this Zoological Park.Nehru Zoological Park was one of the largest Zoo of the Country. The Zoo has many initiations to its credit Eg.1stSafari Park in the country in the year in 1974, Nocturnal Animal house in the Year 1982 and Open Butterfly Park in the year 1998.In the year 2013 celebrated 50thGolden jubilee celebrations. In 2014 after formation of Telangana State at present zoo has 155 Species and 1550 Specimens. .

Our Obejective

  • To breed rare and endangered species of fauna of India with special emphasis on species of Deccan peninsula with the objective of saving them from extinction by releasing and restocking the population in natural habitat.
  • To enhance conservation education through interpretation boards, interactive animal shows, etc.
  • To Rescue and Rehabilitate abandoned, orphaned, deserted and injured animals in the wild.
  • To provide wholesome recreation for the visitors. Exhibit wild animals in a naturalistic conditions.
  • To serve the cause of Wildlife conservation by arousing interest and concern for wildlife by organizing exhibitions , seminars and nature camps among public with a special emphasis to the community of students of in and around Hyderabad city. Study and documentation of the habits and behavior of animals and birds in the natural surroundings as well as in captivity (Conservation Research).

Mission and Vision

The mission and vision of the Nehru Zoological Park is to achieve the distinction as an outstanding Zoo with focus on Conservation, Research, Education and Recreation as four pillars of management without compromising with the existing policies and rules laid out by Central Zoo Authority.

Special Attractions

April to June : 8 AM to 5:30 PM, July to March : 8:30 AM to 5 PM.

Entry into the Zoo
Child Below 12 Years 25.00
Adult 40.00
Trucks for Film Shooting 1500.00
Still Cameras
Amateur 30.00 (Per Day)
Professional 500.00 (Per Day)
Video Cameras
Amateur 120.00 (Per Day)
Professional 500.00
Film Shooting
Per Day & Generator Fee 8500.00 (Per Day) & 1500.00 (Generator)
Train Ride
Child (Below 12 Years) 10.00
Adult 20.00
Safari Ride
Child (Below 12 Years) 30.00
Adult 50.00
Nocturnal Animal House
Child (Below 12 Years) 10.00
Adult 20.00
Fish Aquarium
Adult or Child 10.00
Battery Operated Vehicle
Child (Below 12 Years) 40.00
Adult 60.00